The Price of Technology

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Does anybody remember what it was like to actually play with toys that was in our hands? To have that grand dollhouse displayed in front of the store or that Hotwheels race car that we always see on commercials? If you know what playing with these toys felt like, then you’re lucky. It’s scary how things has changed over the span of a few years. Everywhere you go, kids are carrying iPads or iPhones playing the same things we used to play, only virtually. Having an iPad went from being a luxury into being a necessity for kids.

What happened to good ol’ hopscotch or playing tag with your neighbors or the kids at school? The kids today are much too dependent on technology that they rely too heavily on these gadgets. The emphasis on the need for these children to go out and experience life is stressed. They need to be able to go through what we went through: to play in parks, playgrounds and to be able to interact with other kids.

Eventually these kids will grow up and when they do they’ll discover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those other social networking sites. These social networking sites are actually great for keeping in touch with friends who’re out of the country or those you haven’t seen in a while but don’t forget that social networking could cause harm to a child’s attitude and personality. The internet is something very very wide and once something is posted online, it can never be fully erased.

Take twitter for example. They say it’s for freedom of expression, which is true but keep in mind that twitter can be read by the general public unless your account is private but even then, sometimes people have a way of stalking and finding out whatever you’ve been tweeting. just a constant reminder to all those people who go on twitter and saying everything at the top of their heads, please be mindful of your actions.

The idea of online responsibility should be raised here as to educate internet users of the power that they have and of course, the responsibility that comes with it. They can’t just go around bad mouthing people and destroying other people’s images without consequences. There has been a lot of cases of fights and misunderstandings that happen online, not even in person. Some social networks though, prove to be very useful in our daily lives.

Facebook Groups for Schools already had file sharing
Facebook. Facebook helps people connect with each other easily and at the same time presents itself in a way that most people will not be able to survive without it. Such features of facebook includes chat, groups and pages that actually help students as they can post, share and comment on groupworks or homeworks.

Technology isn’t all that bad. Think of how easier life has been since technology came to life. We no longer have to deal with telephones that take forever to dial, just one press of a button and we’re calling our friends for coffee. No need for postal mail which will arrive a few weeks when a text message could be sent and received within a minute. No doubt technology has made our lives easier and more convenient. Can you imagine a world without smartphones? Without text messaging? How will the youth survive.

Love Emoticons

The youth seems to survive with just text messaging. Emoticons convey how they’re feeling and our hands are never without our cell phones. It’s funny how the world has come to this. Parents will always be telling us about how it was back in their day when they would have to meet the person in order to communicate with them while we stay at home fingers busy tapping away on whatever message we want them to receive. text messages are actually quite the chatterbox if you think about it and of course, one of the most widely used technologies ever.

Technology has brought great convenience to the world. From the way we communicate to the way we do the simplest tasks like writing, rathe, typing this blog, technology has paved the way for an easier life for all of us. We just rely too much on it that we forget about what matters most which is spending time with real people, not just through technology but personally. After all, nothing beats a face to face conversation with those who really matter.

Technology is so much fun but we can drown in our technology. The fog of information can drive out knowledge.
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Technology is so much fun but we can drown in our technology. The fog of information can drive out knowledge.

-Daniel J. Boorstin

We can’t live without technology. Not now. It makes everything more convenient and advanced and it has become part of our lives. Even in schools they use technology for the students to learn better and faster. The issue isn’t about stopping technology because we become loners in a room communicating through cyber space, the issue is to be aware that technology is supposed to help us in our daily lives. If it starts to control your life, then something is wrong.

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